Augmented Reality

Kingsday 2.0

King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima were surprised at a modernly fashion during the canal boat parade on Kingsday. During this parade a vehicle travelled by with an AR-marker placed on it. When the royal couple and the audience pointed their smartphones towards the boat a gigantic lion appeared.


The royal couple and their children are watching the application.

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Augmented Reality App

To celebrate this day WDD developed an app based on Augmented Reality. The audience was called to download the app prior to this event. Even at home the people could see the gigantic lion appear on their TV. WDD also took care of all the promotion by creating interactive posters, flyers and much more.

Dordt Sport, who handed WDD the assignment, is part of Gemeentelijk sportbedrijf van Dordrecht. The company functions as a broker between Dordrechtse sport associations and authorities and was founded to spark Dordtenaren to engage in physical activities.