Liberation Route Brabant - Smartphone Game

The game of the liberation

Together you can experience the story of the liberation of West-Brabant, in a game. This app allows you to travel through time and leads you past historic locations in Brabant. A route full of discoveries and surprising games. Modern technology made it possible to show media and stories from history in the scenery of Brabant.

Virtual Reality

An innovative digital ride

Visit Brabant & Liberation Route Brabant put together an innovative digital ride that contributes to the county's history. A game made to be played together, young and old. Our cultural heritage will be preserved and transmitted to an entire new audience.

The interactive map of Brabant shows the players all the possible locations to play the game. The players choose their destination, they read an introductory text and plan their route. Equipped with the virtual map and their compas they will embark on a scavenger hunt.

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"The game includes various mini-games; your smartphone will turn into a telegraph, binoculars or even a metal detector."

Virtual binoculars to the past

Old pictures will be placed in the present time through Virtual Reality. During the game your smartphone will turn into a special binocular. With this binocular, players will discover a play that tells the tale of that specific location during the liberation. Players can choose to look around in 360-mode, and they can experience the footage like they have never done before; this way the past looks unbelievably close to us.


Sending secretive Morse code

Each player will be given a secret code. The players will use this code during the Morse code game, whilst using the smartphone as a telegraph to decipher the key combination, and therefore the story behind the code.

Metal detector

In this game the players will be able to find a treasure virtually by using their smartphone as a metal detector. By listening closely and watching the hand on the smartphone, the players can find a 'treasure' with a story about the liberation.