Digitaal Veiligheids-

The main goal of the Digitale Veiligheids Paspoort (DVP) project is forcing back the number of safety incidents. Working around the rails can and has to be safer.

Digitaal Veiligheidspaspoort-website

Life Saving Rules

Prorail makes for a safe work environment by implementing the new Safetytraining, the Digitale Veiligheids Paspoort (Digital Safety Passport) and a more strict enforcement on following the Life Saving Rules: 9 golden rules for safety at your work environment.

The DVP is a chip that needs to be scanned before you are allowd to go on or near the tracks as an employee of Prorail. This makes it much easier to check if you have got the right clearance for the concerned activities.

Life Saving Rules Handout
Icoon Life Saving Rules #4: Draag de voorgeschreven PBM's

Clear, iconic visual language

WDD created the entire house style of the DVP. We went with a clear, iconic visual language that's easy accessible and clear for all parties involved.

We created the brand, designed the website, took care of the graphic design of the course material, designed the stationery and created all the icons, infographics, illustrations and animations.