The House of Books

Hier is Haas

WDD was given the challenge to bring a series of books, 'Hier is Haas' of House of Books, to life in a microsite; the goal was a small promoting website, meant for readers of all ages.

Online playground

The microsite is an online playground to get to know Haas and his friends. There is a lot to do, like designing masks, baking carrotpies or playing memory with the animals from the book.

Together we brought Haas and his friends to life

WDD developed the website in collaboration with Annemarie Bon, the writer of the children's book. She's also the chief editor of the well know children's magazine 'de Taptoe!'. Gerti Jacquet created the illustrations, she is known from her work for Sesamestreet en various children's books. WDD created the interactive website with games and took care of the graphic design, the development, the animations and the voiceover of all the characters.

The House of Books

The House of Books is an international oriented, commercial publisher that publishes succesful fiction, non-fiction and children's books.