Social Media Study

Pondres is a service provider in date-driven marketing. Their expertise lies in the strategic and crossmedial execution of dialoguemarketing, print, direct mail and e-fulfilment. The company belongs at the top in the Netherlands. Pondres is known as innovative, quality-driven and sociable, and has got a high social involvement. Supplying added value is what it's all about at Pondres!

Publication Social Media Study 2012 & 2013

Every year Pondres collaborates with MWM2 'experts in online research' in conducting this study. The publication is used a lot as a reference and has been downloaded over 7000 times.

We took care if the graphic design and the realization of the on- and offline publications of the study from 2012 & 2013.

Facts & numbers


A contradiction between raw and clean

We chose for a scientific look and feel that comes across equally young and new. Social Media is a new, fresh and dynamic medium, so this feeling had to return in the graphic design. A contradiction between raw and clean. De clean charts in the study have been alternated with a raw preview of the images. Yellow stand for fresh, purple stands for authority.