Tilburg City Council

Tilburg Rides A Bike!

Tilburg loves cycling, and they're proud of it! Tilburg Rides A Bike! is a campaign with promotion actions to bring everyone to cycling and rewarding the usage of the bike.

In 2009 and in 2011 we took arranged the events and activities around Tilburg Rides A Bike! Commisioned by the city council and with the help of sponsorships and local entrepeneurs we organized a scala of fun activities to promote the city's cycling policy. The focus of the campaign was rewarding cyclists in Tilburg.

Verjaardag dag van de fiets
The 160-year existence of the Bike was celebrated in Tilburg. There was a bicyle flash mob, you could have your bike painted, and every cyclist was given the opportunity to enjoy a glass of champagne.

Omroep Brabant, 2011

2011: the year of the bicycle

Troughout the year 2011 WDD organized a lot of different actions and activities around the campaign Tilburg Rides A Bike! In collaboration with enthousiastic sponsors from the city a bicycle was sent to the sky with the help of huge helium balloons. The winner of the lottery of the online community was given the chance to collect and receive the bicycle.

You could have your bicycle 'pimped' on the Pieter Vreedeplein. An artist painted these bikes and attached a lot of cool accessories to it. Cyclists were treated like V.I.P.'s by piccolo's and were offered a glas of champagne or juice. Their bikes were also decorated with balloons and garlands.

Robotic dog

WDD developed, in collaboration with artists Bert Vogels and Thomas Rutgers an interactive robotic dog assembled from nothing but bicycle parts. The dog startled people who wanted to place their bikes on the square near the dog, and made bystanders laugh. The dog was equipped with motion sensors and infrared sensors. The closer the people would come, the louder the dog would bark.

The press was present with complete film crews, photographers and journalists. The campaign has been published in newsitems, articles and interviews.

"A barking robotic dog in Tilburg startled unbridled parkers."

Het Parool, 2011

Poem day

The city council of Tilburg surprised the cyclists on Poem Day with a word of gratitude for taking the bike, in the shape of a poem. Various poems were attached to bikes with a satin bow. Cyclists were also given the chance of receiving a personal poem.

'Een frisse wind,
het staal tussen de benen,
denkend aan Jimmy van Boudewijn de Groot,
trotseerde ik met kind
voorop het stuur de stenen,
het water dat uit de hemel goot.'

Gedichten voor fietsers, Wijdoendingen

Wall of Frame

The Wall of Frame

A great, temporary work of art was placed in the city centre'The Wall of Frame' was a sculpture build entirely out of bicycle wheels. The 'tree' of bicycle wheels wanted to visualize the positive contribution that the cyclists supply. This way, each cyclist is part of a sustainable solution for mobility.

2009: the week of the bicycle

During de week of the bicycle hundreds of students from tilburg took a shot at the world record ringing the bells of their bike. The 'concert' happened under supervision of performances by David & Baptise and the pop group Chipz!. Baptise & David even wrote a song to promote the cycling, 'Hier Op Mijn Fiets'.

As a symbol for the event a huge temporary work of art was placed in the city centre. Hundreds of bicycles were equipped with a brand new LED-light. This led to a beautiful lit play at Tilburg Central. The bikes were also equipped with bags so the audience could bring their bought products home safely.

BMX-Lightbike ( Jaar van de fiets, winter 2011 )

Top BMX’pro Mark Vos performed daring stunts on a NEON lit BMX stunt bike.