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Interface Design

Smart and functional interfaces for an amazing user experience.

User Interface Design (UI)

Graphic user interfaces are most of the time an essential part of controlling applications and multimedia platforms. We develop attractive and intuitive controllable interfaces.

UI's with the customer as starting point

User Interfaces are turning more and more complex with even more functionalities. WDD develops applications that can be used with intuitive user interfaces.

How do you make sure the user makes as less as mistakes possible? How do you simplify complex tasks in a User Interface? When developing a UI most of the time people don't think about the customer as much as needed. The result is a UI that doesn't work as good as it should or makes mistakes. Designing these interfaces is a specialty. Knowledge of usability, accessibility and user research are of essential importance.


During the development we always take the experience and the goals of the customer as our starting point, and we keep testing this. This way we realize user-friendly and smart interfaces for an amazing user experience.

Cyril de Vroom

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