Digital media & Production

Motion Design

Your message will come to life when using moving images. Communicate with your target group on a higher level by telling your story with a video or an animation.

Motion Design

Communicate on a higher level using video or animation

Moving images have way more impact than a written text. People are getting more selective when it comes to picking out information that's put in front of them.

A well designed video or animation will truly stick with the reader, if it's clear and quickly-pased.

Corporate film

Your corporate story, in a sharp video or animation of a few minutes. With a visual design that fits your visual identity perfectly. A strong means of communication and a very effective marketingtool.
We'd like to help you realize a creative concept and the ideal video or animation that get's it just right.

2D & 3D Animation

We'll bring your message to life with an animation in the visual style that hits the right notes with your target group. Animation starts where video stops. It's an amazing medium to clearify idea's without being bound by the laws of physics.

Data Visualization

Communicating complex data is always a challenge. We create order amidst chaos by turning written text in clear, animated infographics. Short and to the point, we visualize your analysis and information and make sure that it fits your visual style.


A videodocumentation of your event, exposition, or presentation. Visualize your successes with a flashing documentation. A lasting registration for your target group, suited for your website or any other channel. We help you build an idea, and then we turn the idea into realization.

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